Ville & Campagne
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An exclusive collection of French home essentials
About us

Ville & Campagne - City & Countryside

Florence was born in Corsica, France and has lived in London for almost two decades. After more than 15 years experience in product development and  marketing  in cosmetic companies, she decided in 2009 to set up her own company: Ville & Campagne - Home collection.

Florence loves to design beautiful and well-made products and discover talented  local craftsmanship. Her selection of colour and products and inspiration reflect her mediteraneen upbringing and a love of colours and exceptional quality.

"I have always loved the colours, light and serenity of the countryside. Having lived in London for a very long time, I wanted to recreate the quality and atmosphere of “la campagne “ in an urban setting "

Our home collection has been created with a desire for simplicity and harmony, a sense of well being and a casual feeling inspired by the country.

Quality and details play a really important part in our products: hand made embroidery, beautifully crafted open hem stitch and thread cotton are featured throughout our line.

A French phrase has been woven by hand with care into each item, designed to transport you instantly to the relaxed ambiance of your rural idyll.

We have coordinated our colour scheme to bring you a gentle contrast of warm and neutral coulours. Everything has been produced in small quantities and with extra care. Our bed, bath and table linens are conceived to be mixed and matched in a unique combination suited to your desires.

We are constantly working on new products to meet the aspiration of our clients with new colour schemes and themes. We can compose your own embroidery for homes, hotels or restaurants for a mininum order of 25 pieces. 

Ville & Campagne has also selected an assortment of decorative ceramics with carefully chosen patterns and tones which complement our main collection. An accomplished French artist has designed these accessories merging traditional Chinese craft with her own more vibrant, contemporary touch. Every object is painted by hand.

Our products will help you create your own colourful but stylish and harmonious home.

We hope our line will inspire you to bring the light and warmth of the country into your everyday live.